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Like any company, you would know better than anybody else that finding new customers and keeping them is certainly a priority. Here is where Mediafag can help you, and for that purpose, if you did not know us before, we take this opportunity to introduce ourselves at this very moment.

We want to do so without many definitions, without ties, just as what we think we are a global service company, a company which offers constructive and marketing solutions, specially in the exhibition industry.

We like to say we are a young company, founded in early 2013, but as an outcome of joint efforts and professional experiences with careers of over 10 years.

Nowadays, Mediafag is in a full flow growth process, and is evidenced by the recent renovation of its corporate image, a brand name and registered trademark in turn, which seeks to identify with the company's philosophy and objective, getting to be recognised in the industry, by the quality of the implementation of the projects and by the constant improvement of the customer's competitiveness.

Attention should also be drawn to the recent opening of a new printing department, which brings specialised technical staff and the purchase of new printing machines.

Moreover, we want to show you we are at your disposal whenever you need us. Therefore, we would attend all the related issues regarding your idea or project.

That is all for the present, best regards,

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When we define ourselves, we are a business of services specialised in offering constructive and marketing solutions, through various products and services. In brief, we outline:

consulting · printing and labelling · design and manufacture of structures, portable and modular design stands · decorations · electricity, lighting and audiovisual installations · professional services of catering, interpreters, hostesses, security and cleaning · maintenance · repairs · rental of technology, furniture, portable toilets · transport, packaging and storage...


Fotografía de proyecto
Fotografía de proyecto
Fotografía de proyecto
Fotografía de proyecto
Fotografía de proyecto
Fotografía de proyecto


The experience is a plus, so therefore, having worked in most major fairs, exhibitions and meeting rooms of our environment, we can say that we know first-hand the small and important details of their methodology, and individual operation.

IFEMA - Feria de Madrid
Palacio de Congresos de Madrid
Fira Barcelona
Feria de Zaragoza
Bologna Fiere
Nürnberg Messe


Our new headquarters is situated in Arganda del Rey (Madrid). This new location concentrates in the same place, the offices and different departments with our own manufacturing workshop.

Mediafag viene desarrollando también diversos proyectos fuera del territorio nacional, en ciudades como París, Londres, Berlín, Núrenberg, Milán, Bolonia y Napoles.

Nuestras soluciones abarcan desde pequeños servicios de impresión o rotulación, a grandes proyectos, fuera de Madrid que requieran de traslado de personal o lógistica.

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