Human team

We are made up of a group of professionals and experts in each of the functional areas of our business. Organised by departments and coordinated by the management.

Technical resources

We rely own workshops, tools, modern industrial machinery ready to be used, for the accurate execution of any work that may be necessary.

Tools and machinery

A wide variety of professional tools of the highest quality, and specialised industrial machines, operated by qualified technicians.

- Laser cutter
- Laser engraver
- Milling machine
- Bending machine
- Sliding table saw
- Cutting press
- Polishing machine

For a wide range of materials such as:
Metals, methacrylates, woods...

Printing and labelling

We have recently opened a new printing department.

- Coil plotter
- Flat-bed plotter
- Flat-bed plotter
- Machine for creating grommets


We rely on an area of over 800m² and more 3500m² parcel terrain.


The experience is a plus, so therefore, having worked in most major fairs, exhibitions and meeting rooms of our environment, we can say that we know first-hand the small and important details of their methodology, and individual operation.

IFEMA - Feria de Madrid
Palacio de Congresos de Madrid
Fira Barcelona
Feria de Zaragoza
Bologna Fiere
Nürnberg Messe


Our new headquarters is situated in Arganda del Rey (Madrid). This new location concentrates in the same place, the offices and different departments with our own manufacturing workshop.

Mediafag viene desarrollando también diversos proyectos fuera del territorio nacional, en ciudades como París, Londres, Berlín, Núrenberg, Milán, Bolonia y Napoles.

Nuestras soluciones abarcan desde pequeños servicios de impresión o rotulación, a grandes proyectos, fuera de Madrid que requieran de traslado de personal o lógistica.

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